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The #1 Result on Google
gets approximately 32% of all clicks
Google organic search
is responsible for 59.2% of the world’s web traffic

46% of all searches on Google
are for a local business or service

SEO With You, Not For You

Mike Kostuik Digital offers a complete package of digital services ranging from search engine optimization to online content marketing.  I believe in a partner-style approach to manage your online presence, allowing you to contribute to an SEO strategy, while also freeing up time to focus on the areas of your business that need you.  

SEO Website Audits

A full website audit will identify any gaps with your existing site and its content. An optimized website is the foundation of every high-quality internet marketing strategy.

Monthly Search Engine Optimization Packages

Increase your organic search engine rankings. A proper SEO strategy is the most powerful way to connect your business with new clients.

SEO Sprints

Not sure you're ready for a full SEO package? Try one of my SEO Sprints. Broken down into four different modules, there is a sprint that fits the needs of your company, no matter which stage of growth you are currently in.

SEO Website Audits

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Search engines penalize websites that have slow speeds, incorrect formatting, or setup errors, among many other factors.  A full SEO website audit will give you a clear roadmap to fix these errors, making it easier for new customers to find your business online.  

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Monthly Search Engine Optimization

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SEO provides a top marketing ROI in many industries.  By ranking on page 1, ahead of your competition, you can use customer search intent to attract organic site traffic, resulting in more conversions for your business. 

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SEO Sprints

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Even if you’re not quite ready to commit to an ongoing SEO strategy, there are still small steps you can take to increase traffic and conversions without going all-in.  SEO Sprints are designed to provide value in very specific areas of the SEO process for businesses that are already making efforts to boost their organic site traffic.  Pay for what you need, nothing more! 

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What Types of Clients Do I Work With?

My Guarantee

My SEO services are customized to fit your unique business needs. I will provide an analysis, strategy, forecast, project plan, key performance indicators, and a timeline for free before you spend one dollar

I’m confident that my SEO strategies will have a positive impact on your business.  This is my personal guarantee. 

Although I can’t promise specific rankings (in fact, no SEO company can), I can promise you’ll be satisfied with my work, and your business will benefit from a solid SEO plan.  

How Does My SEO Work?

Hundreds of hours of testing, researching, and reverse-engineering search engines & existing SEO strategies give me a competitive edge.  I find out what is working for your industry and master search intent to drive traffic to your website. 

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My SEO Process


Learn More About Mike Kostuik Digital SEO Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of optimizing online content so that it ranks higher on major search engines such as Google and Bing. This process can drive organic traffic to a businesses website without the use of paid advertising.

An SEO company can boost rankings for a website by making sure it is technically correct, provides visitors with relevant content that the search engines will rank, website pages are optimized for the keywords users search for and by getting links from relevant sites to their website.

Local SEO involves efforts to rank a website for businesses in a specific geographical region, whereas traditional SEO usually involves ranking a site so that national and international visitors will find it when they search for a specific keyword or phrase. 

Local SEO is meant to reach people in a specifically defined area (such as Edmonton, Vancouver, or Toronto, Canada).

Local SEO is most often used by businesses with brick-and-mortar locations or those targeting consumers in a very specific geographical area.  It is also commonly used by larger companies with multiple locations or franchises.  

For example, if you’re a plumber in Calgary with a website, you would not want to spend time and money on visibility for people searching for a plumber in Toronto.  You would, however, want people in the Calgary area to find your website.

Local SEO optimization includes claiming and optimizing a business’s Google Business page, getting local citation listings, generating customer reviews, and a content marketing strategy that focuses on location-specific keywords and search trends.

Google also has a feature within their search engine where local businesses appear at the top of the search results in what they call a Local 3-pack.  This is a section of the page that highlights relevant businesses, showcasing them before the actual search results. 

If you’re focusing on local SEO, you want to try and show up in the Local 3-Pack.  

I offer a broad Local SEO approach that can help you do just that.  

Google and Bing offer search engines in nearly every country and language around the world. International SEO involves getting a website ranked in targeted country and language specific search engines.

SEO consulting is when a business hires an outside person or agency to provide guidance on how to best optimize their website and digital marketing content.  An SEO consultant is an expert who creates consulting documents, periodic reporting, and walks the client through specific strategies customized for their business and industry.

An SEO company is a Search Engine Optimization Company. This means, the company provides services to businesses of all sizes, helping them get better listed on search engines like Google and Bing. Since the majority of global searches take place on Google, this search engine is usually the primary focus.  An SEO company will analyze relevant search patterns, and industry competitors, to develop a strategy to filter this organic traffic to your website.  Common SEO services include technical audits, internal and external link building, content writing, on-page optimization, international SEO, local SEO and more.  

The truth is, if you’re willing to devote a couple hundred hours to learning about SEO best practices, it is possible to improve your SEO all by yourself.  For most business owners, this is simply not realistic as they are busy tackling important operational tasks to keep their business running.  

This is why many owners outsource their SEO responsibilities.  Outsourcing is more efficient that doing it on your own, it’s also cheaper than hiring full-time employees to manage their SEO strategy.  This allows you to focus on the tasks that only you can do, taking care of your staff and business operations.  

The actual amount you’ll spend depends on the size of your business, your current website traffic, and your short and long-term business goals. Most SEO companies charge between $600 a month and $15,000 a month depending on the scope of the SEO project.  If you wish to see actual results from an SEO strategy, you should not expect to pay less than $600 per month.  Many large companies may require more SEO effort and attention to keep up with the competition, which usually means longer hours, a larger project team, and more SEO spending.  I provide custom services for business small-to-large, with SEO packages priced according to their individual needs. 

SEO is not something that can be handled in one shot. It’s an ongoing investment that requires constant monitoring and adjustments to see results that really matter. A good SEO strategy can take anywhere from 4-12 months before you see measurable results.  Over these 4 to 12 months, you will see the most drastic change.  Even after the initial 12 months, you will see a clear drop-off in traffic if you simply stop maintaining your SEO strategy because you’ve finally started getting the results you hoped for. 

Think of it like rebuilding the engine of a car, once you’re got it running perfectly, you still need regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly.   

Getting ranked number one can make all the difference for your business.  The #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average click-through rate (CTR) of 32%, and the #1 organic result is more than 10x more likely to get clicks when compared to a page in #10 spot.  Essentially, if you’re not on page 1, you should expect almost 0 traffic.

  • Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites (Backlinko)
  • Google currently has 86.86% of the search engine market (Statista)
  • 49% or marketers report that organic search has the best ROI of any marketing channel (Search Engine Journal)
  • Organic CTR for positions 7-10 is almost the same. (Backlinko)
  • Organic search is responsible for 59.2% of all site traffic. (Sparktoro)
  • 93% of users do not scroll past the first page of search engine results. (Moz)
  • Voice Search has a 20% market share of all Google searches in the US application (OC&C)
  • After analyzing 10,000 Google Home search results, Brian Dean found that 40.7% of all answers from voice search are pulled from a Featured Snippet (Backlinko)
  • 12.3% of search queries contain a featured snippet (Ahrefs)
  • The median salary for an SEO professional is around $60.5K USD per year (Backlinko)

Launched in 2021, Mike Kostuik Digital is a full service digital marketing agency based in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

My mission is to provide industry-leading customer service, taking on every new business as a partner, not a customer.  

With over 13 years of business experience, I know what it takes to grow a business in the face of difficult economical or competitive challenges.  

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